Health Hop


An emergency is a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation that poses immediate risk to health, life, property, or environment requiring immediate action.


You should call triple zero when someone is seriously injured or in need of urgent medical help.

(13 43 25 84)

You should call 13 HEALTH for non-urgent medical help, or alternatively call your Doctor to make an appointment.


In Australia most people go to a family doctor when they have a health problem or need a health check-up. Family doctors are also known as ‘general practitioners’ (GP)

1 Making an Appointment

You should call to make an appointment in advance else you may have to wait a long time.

Appointments are usually short(10-15minutes) but you can request a longer appointment.

If you can not attend the appointment, you should call your doctor and cancel it.


2 What to Expect

Take your Medicare card and healthcare card and you ID, VISA, or Passport with your your name, address, date of birth

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Tell the doctor all the medicines that you are using including traditional remedies, vitamins, herbs, etc.

You can get the most benefit from your visit to your doctor by writing down what you want to consult the doctor about and bringing it with you


3 Paying the Doctor

Some doctors ‘bulk bill’ their patients. This means your visit to the family doctor is free because the Federal Government pays the doctor directly through Medicare

If your family doctor does not bulk bill, you pay the doctor and then claim some of the money back from Medicare with your receipt. This means you only have to pay the difference

You can only be bulk billed or claim money back from Medicare if you have a Medicare card. For information about how to obtain a Medicare card, eligibility and fee schedules, call 13 20 11 or visit the Medicare website:


Community pharmacy offer simple access to highly trained health care professionals. They provide a range of services that can avoid the need to attend hosptial or a GP. Pharmacy are open during business hours. The advice is free and you don’t need an appointment.

The types of services available from community pharmacy:

  • provide access to medications to treat minor ailments e.g.: head aches, cough, cold…
  • provide information on medication
  • redirect or provide advice on other services
  • provide information around healthy lifestyle choices-wellness
  • If your condition requires treatment with a prescription medication you must visit the General Practitioner first


The Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS National) provides free interpreting services to non-English speaking Australian citizens and permanent residents communicating with approved groups and individuals on behalf of the Department of Social Services.

TIS is a free services are delivered through TIS National to private medical practitioners (defined as General Practitioners and Medical Specialists) providing Medicare-rebateable services and their reception staff to arrange appointments and provide results of medical tests.

A longer consultation time may be required to allow for the additional time involved in communicating through an interpreter. Please notify the doctors office when booking the appointment.

The general TIS national number is 131 450.

The doctors’ Priority Line phone number is 1300 131 450